My First Android App Is Here!

Okay so its taking me a bit longer than expected to wrap my head around Android. I have been able to create a simple app that will take the rss feed from this blog and display it to you on your Android powered phone. So if you are on your Android phone using your browser to read this post then click the following link to view the market page.


If you are viewing this from your computer, pick up your Android powered device and scan the following barcode with the appropriate barcode scanner app to go to the market page. The app is free to download and will be updated soon.

Download it, rate it, let me know what you think!


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Android app comming soon

You read it correctly!
As of today, I have begun to learn the Android API’s so that I can develop applications for the amazing platform that’s known as Android.

Its a bit tough, but learning the API’s is proving to be quite fun. My first app is going to be a basic app that will record your contacts and let you export them to a file on your memory card. You will also be able to import the created files at a later time using the same app in case you get a new phone or you have to rebuild your system as I often have to when installing custom roms.

As I am posting this from the newly discovered android WordPress app, I will keep this short and sweet.

I will let you all know when I have a usable app available to download on the market.


No news is bad news in this case

Dont mind the title, just couldnt think of something good to name it so thats what came up.

I just did some more work on the downloads page, so far there are two of my apps on the download page available for download. The two apps each have their own page with features, requirements, and screenshots along with a download link for the application.

ClipboardTastic is a neat little application that came about when I wanted to have multiple pieces of text stored in my clipboard. If you know anything at all about the Windows OS, you know that only one piece of text is allowed at a time in the normal clipboard. So I came up with clipboardtastic. After making some clipboard “tweaks” i wanted to make the image you have in your clipboard more accessible as well. So now you can preview and save the image copied to the clipboard as well as clear it out just with a few clicks.

ClipboardTastic Preview

Click the image above to visit the page.

Windows 7 Logon Changer is a little application I created when I got tired of the boring default logon screen on Windows 7(that blue with flowers screen is so boring). The application is simple, run it in administrator mode and click browse. Select a suitable image and click okay. Now that image is your Windows 7 Logon Screen.

Click the image above to visit the page.

Also in case you missed my previous post about the HTC Evo already being rooted even though its not even released yet, check it out.

HTC EVO 4G Already Rooted!

Thats about it for tonight guys.
Until Next Time,

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That Was Quick: EVO 4G’s Already Been Rooted

That Was Quick: EVO 4G’s Already Been Rooted – Via Android Police

Just wanted to share with you all the great news that I found just now! The HTC EVO 4G, which comes out June 4th, has already been rooted. This is just what I was waiting for as I have preordered the phone and will be able to use the wifi teathering app that requires no extra charge on your bill but does require a rooted phone. Awesome!

Thats all for now


Hey everybody!

C-Ryan here, welcoming you to the first post of my brand new blog. I will be using this blog to showcase the applications that I create for various platforms. I have been designing the downloads page and it only has my application “ClipboardTastic” available but I will be updating more soon. Until next time, let me know what you, the reader, want to see me create.